Adeline Sides was born in Switzerland and raised in a small historic town in Germany.  As a young adult, seeking new experiences she moved to New York City and expanded her horizons by traveling.  During that time she connected with a group of eclectic people who sparked her appreciation for the arts and awoke her own desire to be creative. From that time on, supporting art and creating images has become a lifelong pursuit of hers.  Her body of work, consists of 18-20 digital archival photographic prints (matted and framed 16 x 20) depicting women of advanced chronology. The images are accompanied by the life stories of the women. The images and stories communicate to the observer how these women navigate through the Golden Years. Her hope is to inspire and encourage women of the path ahead and celebrate the Beauty of Age. Website

Kari Lindholm-Johnson primarily paints with acrylic, occasionally oil on panel and canvas.  She attempts to convey what connects her viscerally and spiritually.  Some paintings come from exterior perceptions, including the North Park neighborhood,some from interior perceptions where she is often overwhelmed with light and wonder.  Her paintings are an attempt to offer glimpses into the Hope, Truth or Beauty that surround us all. She has always loved to and felt compelled to paint, and it has always been connected to spiritual pursuits.  She has come to the point in her life where she finally acknowledges and rests in that yearning and offers that pursuit to others through her paintings, her work as Artist in Residence at Swedish Covenant Hospital and offerings in spirituality. Website

Nora Moore Lloyd grew up in the Chicago area, but now divides her time between the city and her home at Lac Courte Oreilles, Wisconsin. Studying traditional still photography and darkroom technique at Evanston Art Center provided a solid foundation and appreciation for the art of classic photography and successful transition to digital work. Locally, Nora’s work has been shown at The Field Museum, Chicago History Museum, Illinois State Museum Gallery. She has also exhibited in Bolivia and Guatemala. In Ojibwe tradition, human and non-human creatures coexist harmoniously. For the past 30 years she has been fortunate to share space with eagles in Wisconsin and hawks in the city…an ongoing experience that helps ground her to important lessons from earlier generations and directs the focus of her work to nature. It is those special moments when paths cross unexpectedly that she chooses to document through the camera. Website

Albert George has lived in Chicago since 1985, where he arrived for graduate school at the University of Chicago.   He works mainly in portraits, still lifes, nudes, landscape, and (occasionally) street photography. He uses digital photography to create black and white silver-gelatin prints made by hand using traditional film and darkroom techniques. He creates large photographs, up to 16×20 inches (at this print) to bring out the detail and optical properties of analog film, to invite the viewer into the photographs’s compositional and/or thematic complexity, and to highlight the timeless qualities of black and white images. Besides his photography, he has authored and edited in the fields of philosophy, history of science, and popular culture. Website

Bill Moran earned his MFA in Art Theory and Practice from Northwestern University and his BFA  in Illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design. He has exhibited at the University of Illinois, C.J. Jung Institute, Elmhurst Museum of Art, Maloney Copper Gallery, Morpho Gallery and Gallery 312. Bill is the Principal of Moran Studios, a design studio which produces installations, architectural objects, murals, mosaic, tile, stained glass and dyed concrete. He also works as a community art organizer, curator and educator. He paints primarily from memory, exploring his subject matter through a palette of ethereal color.  Moran’s narrative paintings, sometimes referred to as Magical Realism, call to mind musings of domesticity, remembrance, and comfort, and evoke a complex sense of mystery, menace, humor, and awe at the beauty and absurdity of life. | Website

Janet Metzger received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1984 and an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago in 1989.  Through the 1990’s she worked as a commercial muralist and scenic painter. As an avid gardener, she always returns to forms of flora as her subject matter, seeing each individual flower as a unique character and developing the relationships between them as she maps out the arrangements onto the canvas. The dried husks of these flowers are a reminder of her own aging skin and body, and a constant confirmation that there is beauty in everything, at all stages of life, and certainly beyond what society considers the ideal prime.  She is currently living in Chicago raising chickens and two wonderful sons with her husband Nik… and occasionally dreaming of goats.

Esther Pomranky loves both making art and cultivating a love of art in others.  To that end, she earned a Master’s Degree in art education from Boston University in 2013, and works as a teaching artist at a local elementary school.  In her spare time she enjoys gardening, dancing, and exploring world music with her husband. Her paintings reflect her love of the natural world as well as her interest in patterns and geometry. She uses line and shape to fragment and abstract the forms she encounters in nature, creating a broken effect almost like stained glass.

Nyisha Haney, 33, born and raised in Chicago, recent graduate of North Park Theological Seminary. She is a Youth Ministry Worker, Poet, and Painter…but first and foremost she is a follower and lover of Jesus Christ. As long as she can remember she has always loved the arts, always singing, reading/writing and drawing. However, she did not learn of her talent and affinity for painting until her Sophomore year at Denison University. Aside from walking life with young people, she loves using her gifts to create art that makes people smile and to give glory to God!   Her paintings are Oil on Canvas.  Jazz N’ Java depicts mellowness and rhythm from listening to Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk, with energetic spikes contributed from sipping Espresso coffee.

Patrick Lyne graduated from The University of Iowa in 2016 with a BFA in Graphic Design. He now lives in Chicago and works as a painter, designer, and illustrator. He works during the day as a designer at an ad agency, then comes home each night & either paints or does more design work, for himself or otherwise.  He has 2 main types of media. The first is design work that is done mainly in Photoshop from all original photography. Each of these is printed out at 24″ x 36″ & framed. The other type of media is painting, with most paintings being done on wood panels & created from either oil, acrylic or ink, along with gold leaf.

Carol Koeller works in pen and Ink, water color/ganache, and collage.  When she was in school, she sat in the back of the classroom, busy with pencil and paper. Unfortunately, she was drawing pictures when she should have been doing math. Eventually she went to art school, where drawing was strongly encouraged. Now she is a children’s book illustrator. She lives in Chicago with her husband and assorted pets.  Their two daughters are grown.

Brynn Malone is an emerging artist focusing on abstract, expressionistic work.  Her work explores concepts of growth and change in the natural world and within the self.  Her goal is to highlight the relationship between light and color and encourages her audience to mentally explore her abstract landscape, finding their own meaning in the forms.  Her latest series “Nature” is an exploration of shape, texture and impressions. It incorporates colorful, impactful constructs as well as impressions of the natural world, asking her viewer to find the possibility hidden in each moment.  Brynn recently moved to North Park and is an 8th-grader at Peterson School.

For the past twenty years Joe Malham has been artist in residence at St, Gregory the Great Church in Chicago. His icon studio has been the center of outreach to the community with workshops, lectures, classes and retreats for people of all denominations. He is also the author of three books on faith and culture, including the award winning John Ford:Poet In The Desert and the most recent, Drawing Closer to Christ: A self-Guided Icon Retreat.  His images are created in the style of Byzantine and Russian iconography; an ancient and sacred language used by Christians both Eastern and Western, since the 10th century.  The work is a combination of egg tempera and acrylic with 23 k gold leaf on a variety of grounds, including wood panel, canvas, Arches Papier and insulation board. Website

Jonathan Bressoud was was born and raised mostly outside of Nashville TN, having moved frequently and attended multiple schools, both public and private where his understanding of art and design was shaped by so many.  After graduating high school he moved to Chicago to pursue his BFA in Fashion and Sculpture.  Being in a city so rich with resources for a young artist has made him create a practice that stretches across disciplines to make something that is wholly his own. He works in copper, bronze, and silver to make individual works that blend sculpture, jewelry and prosthetics.  He uses these pieces to highlight the things that make us unique by pointing out an absence of something that we “should” have.  It is by wearing these stand-ins that we elect to display how we truly stand out.

Jose Aggari is a North Park resident who works with oil on wood. His artwork focuses on the relationship between man and nature by incorporating both architectural and natural elements into his paintings. He begins by applying thick layers of paint to the wood and then with spontaneous strokes with a palette knife slices through the canvas creating complete overlapping shapes and forms. Most of his work is based on nature. He finds inspiration from the sun, moon, forest, water, fire, and birds integrated with manmade elements that consist of houses, caves, architecture and printable typography. Dynamism or motion is a common denominator in his work. He wants his art to be engaging and involve the audience to create their own interpretation of his work. Website

Linley Erickson’s primary media is clay. Through clay she explores her connection to her Swedish heritage by recreating Dala animals (traditionally wood carved creatures). She does this through molds and hand carving the animals out of clay.  She also recently started to play with the themes of Viking runes in her artwork. Raised in the North Park neighborhood of Chicago, she attended Mary Gage Peterson Elementary School, Lincoln Park High School, and Juniata College. Began her love affair with all things Scandinavian from about the age of five, turning that passion into ceramic art in since 2015. Currently she works as a ceramics teacher at Kids Clay Room and attends classes at Lill Street Art Center. Website

Claire Frances Spaulding was raised in New Hampshire, a relocation to Chicago has led her on many walks to find a green oasis in the concrete jungle. She is a recent graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited in Chicago, IL.  Her work is in the Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection and displayed at the Gamli Skoli Studio in Hrisey, Iceland.  Her studio practice merges research with fabrication to create a merging point of discourse and visual language. In the past year and a half, she has focused on work that reflects her desire to return to a reminiscent topographic. Longing for walks in a landscape that expressed its history through geological transitions, she seeks ecosystems in Chicago’s concrete jungle. As a writer and fabricator, she finds there is a constant tension between time spent researching and time spend creating.  Walking has become a primary tool for navigating between the two by retracing ideas while walking to and from the studio. The mediums she uses to express research in topography, recollection and trace are Photography, Ceramics, Sculpture and Artist Books.  Website

For Jane Friedman, a North Park resident, gathering resplendent leaves, seeds, pods and flowers has been a lifelong ritual.  For years she placed her collections inside heavy books and was thrilled whenever they unexpectedly tumbled out. During a recent foliage-immersed autumn vacation in New York State, she felt an intense desire to move them center stage. Today vibrant, muted, mottled, distorted and even perfect omni-color leaves conveying attitude, whimsy or grace live in a range of hanging and tabletop frames. She hopes they soothe and delight the viewer. Website

Jennifer Ethel Miller  Jennifer Miller is a 20 year old North Park resident and looking forward to the day she can call herself a tattoo artist! She has worked on her art for quite sometime and was always told that she should go somewhere with it. She figured she would give it a shot and display her art at the North Park Art Walk. She never considered herself to be top notch, but her supportive family and friends encouraged her, and she learned to accept that title. She had dreamed of her art becoming something more than just some doodles and sketches. She says “…being part of North Park Art Walk is definitely helping me feel like more than that”.  She is multi-media artist, upcoming cosmetologist at Tricoci University, and then a tattoo apprentice soon after.

Craighton Berman is a designer, illustrator, educator and creator.  Directed by a background in industrial design and innovation consulting, Craighton simply loves bringing ideas to life—both for clients and as self-directed projects. His illustration work combines design-thinking and napkin-sketching to yield a distinct form of idea-driven storytelling. Craighton is also the founder & creative director of Manual, a home goods brand that creates products for slow living.  He has design work in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago; he was the first designer ever to use Kickstarter to launch a product; he taught “design entrepreneurship” at the University of Illinois at Chicago and design sketching at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and his drawings are featured in a YouTube video with over 25 million views. Website

Tristan Meinecke (1916-2004) was an American artist, architect and musician who spent most of his life and career in Chicago. He was married to television and radio actress Angel Casey. His widely varied body of work explored abstract expressionism, cubism and Surrealism, and included the invention of the split-level painting technique.In collaboration with architect Robert Bruce Tague, Meinecke built and rehabilitated many properties in and around Lincoln Park, Chicago. Meinecke’s endeavors were numerous, and included poems and essays and at least one short story. However, the majority of his creative efforts fell into three categories: visual arts (including painting and sculpture), architecture and music. Throughout Meinecke’s life, he never deviated from this philosophy of artistic rebellion. | Wikipedia

Seung Jae Kim received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an emphasis in photography and has worked as a photographer for more than a decade.  His photographs introduce optical, physical and social alterations that occur between him and his subject creating scenes that examine how visual recognition functions. He uses photography to record a vision.  As we mix our memory, imagination and photographic images together, Seung’s photographs bind those very things. Website

Jeffrey Hanson Varilla and Anna Koh Varilla are a husband and wife sculptor team that has been working on public monuments for over twenty years. Stylistically, their work reflects a passion for ʻClassic Realism”. They have produced religious and secular works for many locations around the country and overseas. Their goal as artists is to incorporate the artistry learned from the great masters of the past with the visions and aspirations of our society today. They believe that a work of public art should harmonize with the environment, clearly communicate ideas to the viewer, and should reflect the sincerity of the artist. They are Fellows at the National Sculpture Society. Anna and Jeff are the initiators of the North Park Art Walk in 2010 and have been the artistic force behind and curators for the 2010,2011, and 2017 North Park Art Walks. | Website

Nnenna Okore’s work focuses on the concepts of recycling, transformation and regeneration of forms based on observations from ecological and man-made environments. She is astounded by natural phenomena that cause things to become weathered, dilapidated and lifeless – those events slowly triggered by aging, death and decay – and subtly captured in the fluid and delicate nature of life. All her processes are adapted or inspired by traditional women’s practice, the African environment, third-world economies and recycled waste. She heightens, through her works, a perception and appreciation for colors, textures, undulating contours, movements and the mystic occurrences within our ethereal world. Website

Tim Lowly attended Calvin College and received a BFA degree in 1981. In 1981 he married Sherrie Rubingh. Their daughter Temma was born in 1985. She is profoundly disabled (cerebral palsy with spastic quadriplegia) and has been the central subject of Lowly’s work.  Lowly says, “Part of my fairly political agenda is to say that disabled children are a part of life. These are not freaks. What I’m saying is that we should advocate for eyes of compassion that see human beings as human beings, rather than separating them into the beautiful, the ugly, the normal, the freak.” He is known for compassionate egg tempera pictures of children in mysterious circumstances.  Since 1994 Tim has been affiliated with North Park University in Chicago as gallery director, professor, and artist-in-residence. Website

Phil Wright has 40 years of experience in custom cabinetry, design, restoration and lutherie (guitar making) with a fine arts background. “I just can’t stop making things and drawing pictures. I have fidgety fingers and a love of 3-dimensional space”

Art Kim (Kim,Sung Ho) is the owner of The Art Zone Gallery Cafe (3239 W Bryn Mawr Ave) and an artist in his own right.  Art was born in Seoul, Korea, graduated from the Art College of She-Ra-Bul in Seoul and was tutored by his father, artist Soon Jung. He has had solo exhibits in Seoul, Chicago and Michigan and group exhibits in Chicago, New Jersey and Michigan. All the work displayed in the Art Zone Cafe are his, except for this father’s paintings displayed in the southwest corner. A member of the Chicago Korean-American Artist Association, he has used his creative talents as an interior designer both commercially and privately. Art is an avid antique collector and displays his antiques throughout the cafe. Check out the creative arts space and enjoy a bubble tea.  Website

Spaces for Possibility is a studio-based, site specific art practice for art teachers to rest, contemplate and make art together as a collective located at 3412 W Bryn Mawr Ave. The Collective has transformed a storefront space by using the building as art material. They invite us to see our mini-installations and rest for a while.  This project is an initiative through NEIU Center for College Access and Success.

Art Students from North Park University and Northeastern Illinois University will again display their work at the Art Walk

We are very pleased to exhibit artwork made by children from Peterson Elementary School and the Albany Park Community Center.